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7 633 353 companies in system

Are you searching for the information on the company you are intended to promote operating relationships? Are you developing networks of consumer, commercial and commodity credit? Are you studying the set of forces on commodity markets? Estimating credibility of a potential borrower? Aiming to increase sales and thus to reduce the losses related the risk of fraud? Becoming interested in efforts to supervise your own credit historyin the Bureau of credit histories?

The basic participants are:

  • Commercial and industrial chamber of the Russian Federation
  • The Head inter-regional centre for statistical data processing and distribution of Russian Statistics Agency
  • Closed joint-stock Company "Publishing house ' Economic newspaper”
  • Open joint-stock company “ Agency of the commercial and business information “Economy and a life”

We started activity in June, 2002. Originally, we our goal was to facilitate the rise of condi tions for development of institute of credit histories in Russia.

We studied carefully the international practical tips, promoted discussions on the subject in mass-media, among credit establishments and representatives of business, bodies of the government and administration. Together with the Ministry of Economics and trade of the Russian Federation have developed the concept which has laid a basis for the Federal law “On bureau of credit histories” (218-ФЗ) , which has been successfully adopted. And today we may prove with satisfaction that- there were tens specialized structures of our followers in the market, i.e. bureaus of credit histories. And we succeeded to create unique for Russia the information resource which has integrated federal and commercial databases and databanks in uniform information system that allows to solve a wide range of diverse problems. The Bureau of credit histories “National credit bureau” has firmly taken utmost standing in the market of data supply for commercial and bank credit provision and decision-making.

Today we have an opportunity through our information systems of Partnership and the Bureau of credit histories to offer to the Russian and foreign companies an access on legal terms to the full, actual and exact information necessary for careful appraisal of credit risks, reliability and solvency of business partners, clients and consumers wherever they may be. Our technologies and databases allow to carry out marketing researches timely and at reasonable expenses, to maintain economical business security, to identify borrowers, suppliers of the goods and services, counterparts who have attractive chances to develop your business and low risks of business cooperation.

1. Data retrieval system of snapshot analysis of markets and companies

In real time mode our system supplies users data on current financial health and economic activities for last seven years 1 300 000 companies which are making financial statements as well as also the data on public registration of all legal entities registered in territory of the Russian Federation (4,9 million enterprises and organizations).

Kernel of information system is made of:

  • The Unified State Register of Legal Entiries of the Federal Tax Service (USRLE)
  • The Register of the enterprises and organizations (Rosstat )
  • The Register of reliable partners (Russian Federation Chamber of commerce and industry)
  • The Federal database of the annual financial reporting by enterprises and the organizations
  • The Database of companies' quarterly reporting
  • All-Russian Classifier of Administrative and Territorial Formations (ARCATF)
  • All-Russian Classifier of Organizational and Legal Forms (ARCOLF)
  • Classifier of patterns of ownership
  • Classifier of organizational and legal forms

Joining these resources into complete data retrieval system in real time mode permits to find participants of transaction and to bring analysis of their financial stability, to choose the mode of credit provision, to build lists of potential clients, to define their operating links, to carry out marketing researches of outlets, to reveal dynamics and productional structure in industries and regions, to receive the contact information, etc.

2. System of monitoring delinquent accounts receivable and guarding against fraud “D-Telecom”

The collated database of national operators of cellular and stationary communication on information interchange on non-payments for communication services which today includes MTS, Bee-line and Megaphone contains the information on the deferred and bad debts more than 2 million subscribers of individuals and legal entities.It helps to make primary risk appraisal in consumer credit market, to reveal transactions with invalid documents and to prevent new non-payments and frauds.

3. System of accesing information on the foreign companies

The database contains data on financial health and payment habits from over 100 million companies in almost all countries of the world. The credit rating is the worldwide reputed tool to assess credit risks of the companies.

4. Data disclosure system of economic subjects whose financial and economic situation proves their credibility (the Register of credible partners by the Russian Federation Chamber of commerce and industry)

Just like in securities market data disclosure system becomes an efficient tool of voluntary proffering the annual and quarterly statements on the results of the financial and economic activity by the enterprises of all organizational and legal forms (including open-end & closed-end joint-stock companies) to market participants.

All data of the National Credit bureau are public and can be legally handed over to any Russian and foreign company. Any company can also distribute through system of the National credit bureau. an adequate information on its own payment performance as well as that one of its counterparts.

The system of the Credit bureau allows:

  • pursue instrumental marketing policy
  • To timely identify partners
  • To collate the information declared by the parties in the transaction
  • To trace and make the decisions based on changes in partners profile
  • To supervise payments performance
  • To define adequate volume of loans and to reduce financial risks
  • To extend reasonable interest rates
  • To guard against fraud

We invite you to get acquainted with information solutions of the National Credit bureau through typical cases, system of free search and also the description of our information products and technologies.


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